What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Unspoken Bespoke is here to make your interior spaces functional and beautiful. We work on indoor interior spaces such as homes, offices, restaurants, bars, new builds etc, working with you, our client, along the way to make each space unique, and to your personal taste. We work by using the space required to plan the most beautiful outcome for our clients, we source and select the best essential and decorative items, as well as colour schemes, lighting and materials, and all to your budget.

Can i buy something the designer hasn’t chosen for me?

Of course! We will always incorporate your own purchases into the designs, even if purchased at the last minute, if you love the piece then we love it too! 

Do you cover all areas?

Yes! We work throughout the whole of the UK and Scotland. We will always travel to you, and work alongside you until your project is complete. 

How long will our project take?

Each project is different, for example if we are working on a four-bedroom house, it would be a substantially different timescale compared to working on a block of houses. We work closely with our clients, and will discuss your project first, once we have discussed everything with you, we will give a timescale on when the project will be completed, if, for example you were pushed for time, our team will make sure to have the project completed within your time frame. We will always work around you!

How long will the initial consultation last?

The initial consultation will be anywhere between 1-2 hours, whatever we discuss during this time is not set in stone, if you decided to change your mind about a design idea or colour scheme for example, we will work with you throughout the whole project.

If you have a huge project, for example, if you want a 100 room hotel done, the initial consultation could take a full day. 

We Have Ongoing Projects, Can We Partner With You?

Yes! We partner with many companies and individuals, we work with many hotel chains, restaurants, new build contractors, house developing companies, office blocks etc, whatever you have, we can help with. Click on the link below to find out more about partnering with us.

What if i am unhappy with your design?

Unlike most companies, we will change the design as many times as needed to make sure it fits all the criteria you desire.

Each design has to suit your needs, why settle for anything less?

Do you only design or do you do all?

As well as designing the actual interior space, we also fit, redecorate, furnish etc.

We are the whole package.

Why hire an interior designer and have to hire a decorater, carpenter etc? We can do it ALL for you.


How do you decide which projects are a good fit for your firm?

We take on all projects that we physically can, the only time we reject projects is if we are extremely busy, and the client is pushed for time. 

Do you welcome client involvement?

Of course! Often we are left to our own devices if our clients are happy with our designs or if they are lost for ideas themselves.

We also work alongside our clients to make sure they are happy with every little detail, you are allowed to be as much or as little as involved as you wish, this is YOUR project.


Can You Provide References?

Yes! We can provide you with many references from our past and existing customers.

You can also see some of our recent projects below.

What do you prioritise when planning a budget?

We prioritize the most expensive part of the design, we also work with you to find out what the most important part of the design is to you.

We break down your budget and work out a plan of what to spend where, and we work with you to make sure you are happy with these expenditures.

We will always stay within your budget, unless you decide otherwise.

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