Gloucestershire House

Master Bedroom
Tiffany and the team spent a month in Gloucestershire interior designing a three-bedroom house to the client's specifications, they worked with the client throughout the whole project to make sure everything was to their exact specifications.

The house has three bedrooms, an office, a kitchen, a utility room, a living room, two hallways, and two bathrooms.

The house needed completely stripped of wallpaper, both walls and ceilings, which revealed heavy cracks underneath, these needed to be filled, and some plastered before the design & decorating process could begin.

Utility Room Before

Utility Room After

Our client really wanted a utility room due to the kitchen being small in size, we managed to add a huge amount of storage to this room, and also add an American style fridge freezer, which is what our client has always wanted.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

We began with a very basic kitchen, and transformed it into a beautiful and functional, spacious kitchen.

Office Before

Office After

The office began with dull papered walls and ceiling which have been stripped back, primed, and painted, we painted the feature wall using Farrow & Ball daytime yellow, giving a lovely warm, and welcoming feel. Just the feel you need when working from home!

Bedroom 1 Before

Bedroom 1 After

This bedroom started as a dull and wallpapered room that was not suitable for a 10-year-old child, working with our clients, we came up with a blue colour palette that is the favourite colour of our client's bedroom, it is now a light and spacious, functional bedroom.

Bedroom 2 Before

Bedroom 2 After

This is the last room in the house that we transformed, our contractors had to fill and re-plaster the walls and ceiling, it took a few weeks for the walls to dry, it is now a beautiful pink palace of peace and tranquility.

Bathroom 1 Before

Bathroom 1 After

The bathroom is a narrow and unusual shaped room that had no practicality, we have transformed it into a much lighter and spacious room with a white and modern look.

Bathroom 2 Before

Bathroom 2 After



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