What Is Art Deco Interior Design?

Art deco style is summarized by a mix of bold geometry patterns, rich colours, and decedent details, it was most popular between the 1920s and 1940s, but is now a well established trend used throughout residential and commercial interior design.

Elements Used In Art Deco Interior Design

Shapes and patterns: A mix of nature inspired motifs paired with geometric patterns and straight lines create an Art Deco feel to any space.

Materials and finishes: Use luxurious high gloss finishes, including marble, glass, and crystal, as well as a heavy use of mirrors, gold touches, and brass touches, lacquered surface furnitures and aesthetics, and smooth polished wood, all fit together to create an Art Deco feel to any design.

Symmetry: Symmetry is a huge factor in creating an Art Deco design, try to add items in pairs, as well as using symmetrical patterns and features.

Wallpapers: Using heavily patterned wallpaper to create an Art Deco feature wall in any room.

Art Deco Colour Palettes:

Black marble, white marble, black lacquer, and brass

Pink velvet, brass, blue velvet, and natural wood

Vibrant yellow, light blue, red, and white

Green velvet, brass, black lacquer, and oak

Dusty pink, forest green, brass, and dark grey

Red lacquer, black lacquer, light grey, and brass

Walnut, pale blue, light grey, and brown

Turquoise, hot pink, orange, and green


Materials To Use In Art Deco Interior Design

  • Lacquer
  • Polished wood
  • Mirror
  • Brass
  • Metal
  • Terracotta
  • Walnut
  • Chrome
  • Colourful glass
  • Marble
  • Ebony
  • Velvet
  • Leather
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Opal Glass
  • Animal skins
  • Maple wood
  • Ash wood
  • Marquetry inlaid wood
  • Jade
  • Silver
  • Zebra skin

Pieces To Incorporate Into Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco Patterns



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