Afrocentric Dining

What Is Afrocentric Interior Design?

Afrocentric interior design is a contemporary African-inspired design style, it emphasizes many forms of expression in design, the design style itself is characterized by bold and geometric patterns, a versatile use of vibrant colours mixed with earthy tones, and a distinct build up of textures.

Elements Of Afrocentric Interior Design

Natural & Organic materials: Use natural and organic materials to create dramatic and unique interiors, and to add character to any home.

Faux animal skins: A heavy use of animal skins, this could be from a rug, to upholstered furniture, or cushions.

Modern Afrocentric bold colours: Adding a use of bold and bright colours, and acid tones, mixed with moody hues, works extremely well together.

Comfort: A use of leather or upholstered sofas, and plump floor cushions, faux skins, rugs layered, cushions, and Ottomans, a build up of upholstered furniture and accents really make any space feel comfortable.

Minimalistic: Don’t use a huge amount of decor and accessories, have one bookcase or feature wall decorated with your favourite collectibles and pieces.

Afrocentric Bedroom

Afrocentric Colour Palettes:

Deep red, blue, forest green, deep purple, and yellow

Sunshine yellow, ochre, burnt orange, olive green, and maroon

Hessian, burnt orange, navy, and olive green

Burnt orange, black, brown, forest green, and beige

Porcelain, gold, bagel, sage green, and brown

Sawdust, black, sunshine yellow, and ginger

Terracotta, stone, green, ash, and hessian

Teal, deep brown, white, dusky pink, and light grey

Orange, burnt orange, bright blue, dusk, and brown

Red, coral, burnt orange, pink, and brown

Forest green, dark lilac, sea blue, yellow, and beige

Yellow, ochre, red, burgundy, and brown

Materials To Incorporate Into Afrocentric Interior Design

  • Leather
  • Hessian
  • Linen
  • Raw Timber
  • Organic Fabrics
  • Cow Hides
  • Burlap
  • Wicker
  • Cane
  • Pottery
  • Ceramic
  • Faux animal skin

Pieces To Incorporate Into Afrocentric Interior Design:



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