What Is Modern Farmhouse Interior Design?

Modern farmhouse aesthetic is all about wood statements, neutral hues, and clean line furniture. The design takes the original comfortable and relaxed farmhouse style, and adds a modern touch, using smooth lines, neutral colours, and glossy accents, giving a less rustic, and more sophisticated look to any home.

Elements Used In Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

Keep it neutral: One key to creating a modern farmhouse design, is by keeping your colour palette neutral throughout.

Using a mix of textures: Natural materials are everything in the modern farmhouse design, you can achieve the look by layering up natural woods and stones, right throughout the architecture and into the furniture and furnishings.

Accessories: When it comes to accessorizing, use natural materials such as linens, layer them up with velvets to add a sophisticated look.

Combine old and new: Focus on using vintage furniture pieces and accents, and combine with modern accents, don’t be afraid to incorporate vintage pieces into your home.

Play with scale: You can add large items such as Welsh dressers, vintage school cupboards, and even oversized lighting, don’t be afraid to be bold with larger items.

Modern Farmhouse Colour Palettes:

Pale oak, mountain white, sweet celadon, mist, and acescent

Grey stone, beige, off-white, matte grey, and dusty

Pewter, grey, navy, cane, and sea salt

Extra white, mindful grey, dove, hinting blue, and beige

Off-white, moonshine, ocean air, charcoal, and black ink

Creamy white, Avon green, sea, Kensington blue, and black satin

Materials To Incorporate Into Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

  • Rustic wood
  • Exposed wood
  • Reclaimed Timber
  • Traditional fabrics
  • Linen
  • Granite counter tops

Pieces To Incorporate Into Modern Farmhouse Interior Design



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