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What Is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist in design involves using the bare essentials to create a practical and clutter-free space, it is characterized by simplistic design, with a neutral and monochromatic colour palette, with just a dash of colour.

Elements Of Minimalist Interior Design

Essentials only: One of the main objectives in minimalist interior design is to keep everything to a minimal, keep to essential and practical items only.

Clean and simple: Minimalism emphasizes on simplicity, clean and simple lines used in stripped back furniture and furnishings, avoid furniture that has unnecessary flourishes to them, keep everything simple and flat.

Monochrome: Light is a huge concept in minimalist design, emphasis on white and light tones, shy away from bright colours by staying with a colour palette of whites, greys, and beige.

Less is more: By practising that less is more you will master minimalist design, before buying something, ask yourself if it has a purpose in your home, is the piece practical?


Minimalist Colour Palettes

White marble, slate grey, matte black, and white

Linen, white marble, concrete grey, and black

Ash wood, white, stainless steel, and linen

Matte black, stainless steel, grey, and linen

Materials To Incorporate Into Minimalist Interior Design

  • Glass
  • Ash Wood
  • Lacquer
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Timber
  • Wood Grain
  • Polished Stone
  • Bamboo
  • Stainless Steel

Pieces To Incorporate Into Minimalist Interior Design



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