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What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style began in Paris in the 19th century, and is made up of a lack of structural design, a build up of textures, patterns, and layers, to give a carefree and colourful vibe. 

Elements Used In Bohemian Interior Design:

Plants: A cluster of plants throughout each room gives a Bohemian look when heavily mixed with colours, textures, and pattern, plants give off a calming and soothing vibe and are beneficial to your health too, creating a stress-free environment. 

Macramé: Macramé is widely used in modern Bohemian style, though it originated during the 13th century within the Arabic weaving industry. Macramé is a fringe like textile made up of knotting techniques, and can be used with wall hangings, lighting, furnishings etc. 

Soft furnishings: A build up of textured and patterned soft furnishings such as throws and cushions is widely used in Bohemian style, from piles of floor cushions in one corner, to your bed or sofa being covered. 

Rugs: Layer up rugs so that they overlap with each other, heavily patterned colourful and Persian rugs with fringing are often used, these can be rectangular or circular. 

String lights: These are a cost-effective but efficient way to spruce up your Bohemian decor, you can hang them on the wall or put them into a vase, and when lit, the colourful and patterned decor will seem lovely and cosy. 

Trinkets: A collection of sentimental and story telling trinkets covering shelves, tables etc, these all make well with your Bohemian style when placed correctly together. 

Floor vases: A variety of various sized floor vases, filled with loose branches, and pampas grass. 

Bohemian Colour Palettes:


Teal & Terracotta

Earthy Tones

Wild mix of patterns

Aqua Blue & Hearth:

Bohemian Pieces To Incorporate In Your Home:

  • Rattan Furniture
  • Rattan Lighting
  • Carved Wood Furniture & Furnishings
  • Hanging Chairs
  • Butterfly Chairs
  • Rugs
  • Botanical Motifs
  • Studio Pottery
  • Moroccan Pouffes
  • Lanterns
  • Floor Cushions
  • Beni Ourain Rug
  • Macramé Wall Hangings
  • Beaded Chandeliers
  • Fringed Hammocks
  • Seagrass Baskets
  • Pampas Grass
  • Indoor Plants
  • Peacock Chairs
  • Colourful Cushions & Throws
  • Embroidered Furnishings
  • Persian Rugs
  • Woven Basket Wall Art



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