Mid-Century Modern Style

What Is Mid-Century Modern Interior Style?

Mid-Century modern is a design that is undeniably timeless, the style is from the mid 1930s to the mid 60s, but has never truly gone out of style, and is a popular growing design theme in many residential and commercial interiors around the world.
The Mid-Century modern interior style is a mix of organic shapes, teak furniture, sleek lines, simplicity, and functionality.

Elements Of Mid-Century Modern Design

Geometric and organic shapes: The style of Mid-Century modern is a mix of geometric and organic shapes which focus on clean, sleek lines.

Plant life: Bringing a wide variety of indoor plants into the mix will make the space have an even more Mid-Century modern feel.

Functionality: Even though Mid- Century furniture is in simple and sleek forms, you will notice that the functionality of their pieces is a key factor in the designs, every piece of furniture will have a purpose, e.g. a Mid-Century sideboard will have plenty of storage drawers and cupboards.

Minimal decor pieces: Similar to some design styles, Mid-Century modern focuses on minimal decor ornamentation, it’s a clutter-free sleek style, many ornaments are used as bold statement pieces amongst geometric and organic furniture and furnishings.

Materials: A typical material of Mid-Century modern is wood, and wood veneer, though a lot of experimentation with materials and textures has been done to incorporate within the style, acrylic and plastic pieces are widely used with Mid-Century modern designing.

Bold against neutral: Neutrals are timeless! Mixing a bold colour against neutral will make the space pop, it’s very common in Mid-Century modern design to have one, or even two bold colours against neutral tones, this can range from a feature wall, to bold and colourful furniture, or even just accessories.

Mid-Century Modern Colour Palettes:

Orange & Brown

Chartreuse & Gray

Teal & Brown

Pink & Brown

Wood & White



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