What Is Feng Shui Style?

Feng Shui is the art of arranging space and life to enhance your wellbeing and achieve peace and harmony within yourself and your home.

Elements Used In Feng Shui Interior Design:

Wood, earth, metal, water, fire

Designing Using The Bagua Map

The simplest way to incorporate Feng Shui into your home is by using the Bagua map, the map represents the different elements of Feng Shui, and it should be placed over your floor plan to show where to use each element in your home.

On your floor plan, your doorway should align with one of the bottom three squares of the Bagua map, and should be facing south.

Wealth: Decorate the Wealth area of your home with your unique and valuable items that you love, such as artwork of places you have been, indoor plants, and your valuable items.

Fame: The fame area of your home should represent you, and who you are as a person, this space should be decorated with your framed diplomas or awards, tall items, and red home pieces.

Love: This area of your home should be decorated with candles, uniform paired pieces, and framed photographs of your and your partner.

Family: Decorate this space with floral prints, unique lighting, and family heirlooms, the family area is a reflection of the happiness that your family brings to your life.

Health: Decorate this space in your home with earthenware, studio pottery, and yellow and gold pieces, this space should be minimalistic and clean, it is the centre of your home which your other rooms should be based around, the space in which you use the most.

Children: Decorate this space with circular and rounded edge furniture, games & toys, and quirky artwork.

Wisdom: The Wisdom room within your home should be where you are encouraged to work, and make decisions, this room should promote cultivation of knowledge, and allow you to want to work, decorate this room with your bookcase and books, and framed pictures of nature and mountains.

Career: Decorate this room with dark and mooring colours, have a heavy use of crystals and mirrors, this room should support the healthy flow of your life journey and career path.

Helpful People: Decorate this space with circular objects and furniture pieces, you use this room to allow you to recognize the support from others around you, and will allow you to mourn those who aren’t here any more, use dark and white tones throughout this space.

Design Tips For Using Feng Shui In Interior Design

Clear away the clutter: A clutter-free space allows the energy to circulate throughout the room, giving you space to clear your mind and just breathe.

Plenty of light and air: Air is a key element in the true meaning of Feng Shui, plenty of light and air flow throughout your home will make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Use natural elements: Using natural elements, such as wood, will purify the air throughout your home and increase positive energy in you.

Use light and calming colours in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Colour Palettes:

Greens and browns

Blues and black

Whites, greys and silver

Yellows and oranges

Reds and purples


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